Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 1st - 8th Albums Unleashed This Week!

Mar 1, 2013        

The Last Shot Of War "Piece of Hate" (CD)

White Widows "White Widows" (CD)

Mar 4, 2013       

Taake "Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner" (2-CD Set)

Mar 5, 2013       

Upon Wings "Afterlife" (CD/EP)

Rotting Christ "Do What Thou Wilt" (CD)

Starkill "Fires of Life" (CD)

Neaera "Ours Is The Storm" (CD)

Soilwork "The Living Infinite" (CD)

Valor "The Yonder Answer" (CD) 

Vreid "Welcome Farewell" (CD)

Iron Reagan "Worse Than Dead" (CD)

Mar 8, 2013        

Love.Might.Kill "10 Mighty Killers" (Digital LP)

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