Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moscow- Kartikeya Is Working On New Songs

KartikeyaKartikeya is a post-ethnic extreme metal band who adds in a mixture of their different influences. They are influenced by the Indian culture, mythology, classical, folk, death music. Their releases, “The Battle Begins” and "Mahayuga" kick ass. According to their facebook page, the battle begins once again with them creating, working on and learning new songs. Will they continue to add that warrior atmosphere with war drums and traditional chanting as they did with "Mahayuga"? Another album that is over seventy minutes of taken you on a journey while embarking the mystical lands and spiritual allure.  Kartikeya album “Mahayuga" was divided into different stages and level, as the member tells us a story from the riffs, guttural vocals, traditional instruments, and the atmosphere throughout the full release. What was captivating is how they internment their own experiences and views of Hindu cosmogony, of Theory of World Cycles through the “Mahayuga .“  I’m looking forward to hearing a new full length. Both releases that I heard were brilliant, well written and memorable. \m/ Kathleen, founder of OCZ

"Some cool news about our new single "Tunnels Of Naraka" reeeeeaally soon! Stay tuned! ;)" ~ Kartikey

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