Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Album Review: CHUD - OMINOUS by Reggae of OCZ

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Reviewed by: Reggae

Another difficult one to review, simply due to the fact it crosses over a lot of genres.... mixing elements of black, sludge, industrial, stoner and rock all into one downtuned pile of molten sludge. A release that probably isn't for everyone, but maybe a lot of people could get something out of this as well.... CHUD is the brain child of a local Canberra musician known as "Gump", who has been working away at Chud for a few years now, gaining quite a following around town with their first CD and a heap of shows.

Angry hate fueled vocals are the order of the day, reminding me of an angry Max Cavelera but with more black metal undertones, the lyrics are kinda abstract as well, conjuring up images rather than telling a story. Actually "Abstract" would be a good way to describe the album as a whole. That's my take on it anyway. Guitars are tuned down to the max (Can anyone say 'brown note') but this recording still manages to capture the bass and guitars rather clearly, quite impressive for something that plunges such subterranean depths..... The drums sound triggered, almost mechanical, not sure if it's a human drummer or the programmed type, (I'd assume programmed due to the speeds it sometimes attains) but either way, it does suit the music quite well... cutting through the sludge of the guitars. Maybe this should be viewed as a soundscape more than a musical album. If so its a very bleak, grim and cold world that is created. If that's what they were looking to do, mission accomplished. Well done.

Overall I think this is pretty cool, all I can say is I enjoy it, why? I don't know... I just do... Hard to think of a crowd that this is aimed for, but then again I am a metal traditionalist.... Maybe Ministry, Rob Zombie, Godflesh fans might dig it, and anyone who dug the new direction Morbid Angel seemed to be heading in with their last album, but it is much darker and more 'electro' feeling than that. It crosses a lot of territory, black metal fans should be able to get something out of it too... I think this is one of those albums that you need to hear for yourself to decide, I will work on getting a song or two posted up on the site for you guys to judge. 

Source: Obscure Chaos Zine Official Website

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