Thursday, February 7, 2013

Metal Motivation Mind Control: How To Think Positive All The Time"

In the cold winter months of November of 2011 Todd Pack and CJ Ortiz began Metal Motivation, in November 2011. Both have been apart of the metal scene for years. Metal Motivation has a great impact and inspired many individuals lives. They combine the power and aggression of Heavy Metal and incorpate it with the "proven principles of personal achievements to crated a system of "life domination." They have released many you tube videos, t-shirts, and a e-book. Within their videos they speak of what some people deal with in their life, stress, not motivated to do anything, and many other topics and give you advice to get up and do something about it because the power is within you. Take a look at the three minute video below: 

"Metal Motivation"Mind Control: How To Think Positive All The Time" 

Take a moment to watch CJ lastest on "How to Deal with a Rebellious Mind" which you can find on youtube for visiting "Metal Motivation" on Facebook.  

"Disciplining your thoughts will be a challenge once you start out. For most of our lives, our minds have gone in whatever direction the wind blew, and your head will resist being subjugated to control. But you have to bridle the beast if you want to achieve lasting change or the insurmountable goal.

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