Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review of METALLICA - QUEBEC MAGNETIC Reviewed by: Reggae of OCZ


That was just your life / The End of The Line / The Four Horsemen / The Shortest Straw / One / Broken, Beat & Scarred / My Apocalyspe / Sad But True / Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / The Judas Kiss / The Day that Never Comes / Master of Puppets / Battery / Nothing Else Matters / Enter Sandman / Killing Time / Whiplash / Seek and Destroy

For Whom the Bell Tolls / Holier Than Thou / Cyanide / Turn the Page / All Nightmare Long / Damage Inc / Breadfan / Phantom Lord

Reviewed by:

Ok, Im not under any false impressions that the biggest band in metal give a rats what I think about their latest DVD /BLU RAY effort, nor would I assume that any of the die hard "metalli-cats" care either. Just in case you were interested I thought I'd throw in my two cents, for those that were of two minds about buying this DVD.

From the outset I'll make it clear that I have been a Metallica fan for over 20 years now, I buy almost everything I see of theirs, it's a sickness. Of course I was going to buy this BLU RAY disc, after all it might contain slightly different versions of songs that I already own many times over. But im a fair reviewer and im not going to let my Rock n Roll crush on this band get int he way of the review.

Basically I'm proud to call myself a metallica fan again after the release of 'death magnetic' which is a big thing to say after the let down that was 'saint anger' possibly the worst album release by a major band I've ever heard, Death Magnetic symbolised the bands return to playing metal... not blues or dropcore new metal. The guys have a renewed sense of vitality on both that album and the subsequent live release from the ensuring tour. A good mix of old standards and newer songs (I note nothing from saint anger was performed) are perfromed in a mammoth set. If you own most of the Metallica live releases theres a few gems you may not have seen live before from their extensive back catalogue, but if you don't this is a great way to experience the band live for the first time as well. The guys play some of their faster songs from "Kill em all" "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets" at break neck speed. The speed and accuracy with which the guys are playing with on this DVD would give almost any band a run for its money. Is the band in the best form they have ever been in? Damn close to it, I'd have to say! This compares well with the bands epic live concerts from the "Binge and Purge" days but they have a huge advantage with the clarity of sound, vision and close up camera angles that the BLU RAY format affords compared to the VHS tapes i purchased those concerts on.

All and all its great to see one of the biggest and most important metal bands back in great form, where they should be!

Source: Obscure Chaos Zine Official Website

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